About the cook and the gardener...

Hi I am Red. I always find delight in collecting, growing and propagating herbs. Living in an exclusive pad with very limited space, I find it challenging to grow a garden. I consistently violate the no-cook policy of my rented space just to prepare something divine for my tastebuds.

A struggling vegetarian, I find Cebu as a place where my self-imposed lifestyle is always at threat with the presence of mushrooming restaurants in the metro. 

This blog chronicles my urban life in the most adorable destination in the earth: Cebu.

I am not a Cebuano, but I would always insist I am.

I plant, I grow and cook my own food! I always believe that good life is a simple, unhurried, and must be sustainable even at a little inch.

This blog is all about...

This blog is basically a compilation of two things: gardening and cooking. This is a chronicle of my misadventures in living a good life in Cebu, from my frustrations on where to get those I want to cook to growing a garden on my spare time and spare space.

This blog is simply an exploration of Cebu's sources of freshest produce to uncovering Cebu's culinary splendor.

The guest bloggers...

I will not be alone blogging here. Two of my buddies who just so love cooking and eating will be from time to time share their recipes, reviews, insights, and experiences to us!

Ever, the "Chef of Staff" - A certified Cebuana, who lives happily in West Australia. She keep herself busy in the kitchen photo-documenting all her cookbook experimentations. Well-traveled and has a fine taste on something that is delicious. She is the culprit behind why I am here in Cebu.

Aynee - calling her sexy is an understatement. She loves to write, read books and an intellectual no-care-for-time talks. She's working in Hongkong in a company that runs an organic restaurant, whose owners are advocates of slow food movement. (And she has a chance to literally break into the restaurant kitchen).

Conventions used on this blog:

There are conventions used in this blog, so it would be easy for you to identify and relate to the contents posted on the article.

This basically gives you an idea where in Cebu we could find what we are looking for, be it supply of herbs, fresh produces, hard to find ingredients, actions, events, or restaurants.


The post contains a recipe, just go over the article and you will find a step by step procedures on how to prepare something delicious. I will make it sure that all ingredients, measurements and to-do's are carefully presented. Write us back then if you have tried the recipe!

P.I.G. (Prutas. Isda. Gulay). Simply means a diet less the red meat! (not a vegan though). This is my self-imposed diet and this is what I call a healthy lifestyle. This section gives us recipes for any meatless eaters, as well us reviews of restaurants that offers vegetarian options to customers. I will look on each menu and will try to decipher how it is being prepared and cooked, with a personal twist! I will also be in the look out for any events or activities of vegan group here in Cebu.

Fresh produces from our very own public market, grocery stores, food stores, or even at the source: the farmers in their far-away farmlands! Vegetables, seafoods, fruits...name it, I will give you directions where and when you can find it here in Cebu City.
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