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CMG Travels | Herb Gardening Ideas from Bohol Bee Farm

In Bohol Bee Farm, you would expect rows of green houses where salad greens are cultivated organically, as well as other herbs and vegetables. And of course there's the bee farm for it wont be the "bee" farm without these tiny busy insects. If you stroll further in the farm you will notice a carefully planted lawn, with flowering plants and some creeping vines. Each area amenity like the restaurants and pool were harmoniously melded in nature. But there's one thing my keen eyes have spotted: some herbs are actually growing anywhere in  in their vicinity! 
I was delighted to notice these plants. I know for some it's just an ordinary plant growing in a makeshift containers but for me, these plants are more than just an ornament. I snapped some photos for you to take some inspirations on how this farm grow their herbs, so sooner you can creatively replicate it in your own.

1. Herbs within your reach

Nothing beats an herb growing literally beside your kitchen. We have seen some herbs growing in pots by the windowsill in the kitchen, but this one is notably different: a raised box garden beside a stone lavatory in an outdoor kitchen setting. I love this unique idea! The basils are growing happily, but it would be more a feast on the eyes if other herbs are planted side by side with each other creating contrasts and highlights (and helping each other protect themselves like the one in mix cropping method). If I have the luxury of space at home, herbs planted this way will always have an area in my kitchen.

2. Accent it. 

Your herbs would make a very pretty ornamental plant. You can plant it in a nice container, grow it, and use it to add greens in your home. Its mobility gives you the flexibility to decorate dead space and enliven a dull corner.

Take an example the photo above where pandan is planted in a plastic container and is placed beside the reclining chair. You sit on the chair stretching your legs forward in a relaxation mode, your head resting on the back rail, almost at the level of the pandan leaves. And imagine this plant exuding a faint aroma that can relax your senses.
The concrete planting container, very huge in size is the one that catches your attention. The focal point is on these containers while the plants will be secondary. The pot could have been maximized if planted with a mix of different herbs.
These potted herbs conceal sharp edges of the staircase, soften it, and distracts your attention to this ugly side of the steps.

3. As a table centerpiece.

A pot of herbs can do justice at the center of the table just like fresh flowers, or any ornamental plants. A nice container can catch attention so invest on it or you just have to be creative and resourceful.
Since it's a table centerpiece, work on how creatively you can present the potted herb. For the photo above, the herbs are planted on a white plastic pail, with some drawing sketches.
Instead of coffee, herbs are planted in this cup-and-saucer container creating a homey kitchen ambiance.

4. As a space divider. 

A row of herbs, uniformly lining can actually make a green border that will divide any blank wide space. Pandan can be a great border plant since its long and narrow blade-like leaves when lush can be placed repetitively in this planting dividers.

These plants when fully grown can reinforce a fence.

5. Let it grow like a wild weed. 

Got no idea? Plant it anywhere. There are herbs that can grow with less attention and care like basil and mint. Throw a seed or cuttings and it will grow, especially now that it is rainy season. Let the hands of nature do its own work. Then your herb is more than just a weed.
This basil popping out in the ground

Herbs can be more than just an ornamental plant, a decoration on the table, and as a hedge in a divider. Its versatility is tested in the kitchen as it is the cook’s best companion in magically transforming any dish to a something delightfully appealing to our senses.

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