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Gardening | Two Space Saving “Eco” Garden Ideas

Knowing these two “pwede diay” (can be) ideas leaves us no reason not to make our own herb garden at home. Spotted in Cebu’s metro are these brilliant do-it-yourself gardens that maximizes your space as well as make use of some recyclable materials. You are not just helping our environment but it also cools down your home space and gives you all-year round of fresh pluck-as-you-want herbs and other spices for your cooking!

1. Hang It Container Garden

Take a soda PET bottle, cut it half on middle to divide it into two portions.  Invert upside down the cap side and insert it on the bottom potion. Voila, you already have a makeshift planting container! Make a hole on both the left and the right side, insert a rope and use this to hang anywhere in your home. For drainage, make a hole on the cap, as well as holes on the sides of the bottom portion. All you need is some organic compost and a seedling then you already have your own hanging garden. The good thing with this is, you can easily move it anywhere you want it. Next time, you better think twice before throwing those plastic bottles!


In my latest visit to CICC during One Cebu Expo last week, I spotted this booth selling organic produces as well as all sorts of herb seedlings. Looking at the hanging bottles with a healthy sage and lollo rosa lettuce was an “aha!” moment, and without a doubt has convinced me that herbs are not that picky and they grow anywhere. The plants seems happy in their containers.

Even a difficult to tend rosemary can be planted this way. All it need is creativity, and proper care and growing.

They are also selling Sage which are good for pasta. They are perfect seasoning for poultry, can be used as marinades for meats, fish, lamb and even vegetables, though I haven't tried using this one yet. I was able to buy one last year but did not last long, this plant is sensitive on wet and poorly drained soils like what happened to my sage.

This is my second time to encounter such herb. My first was in the Sunday Market of Oakridge Business Park (see related post) last summer, and they call it garland chrysanthemum. Usually added in soups and salads. Yes, they are a family of the chrysanthemum flower.

This one is not an herb, but more of an ornamental. How I wish I can grow some of this soon!
Please hep me identify this plant, I forgot to jut down its name. I am very familiar with this one because there are a lot of this growing in our grade school. It has small pink to purplish flowers and has black tiny seeds.

Busay, Cebu City 
Contact Waya - (032) 406 8896 or mobile 0917 3201238 and 0922 8761220
or Wilson at  (032) 255-1800, mobile 0917 32012340 and 0933 5506100

They are also selling organic compost and provides landscaping designing. Please be warned that their prices are a bit high and I find it not friendly for starters.

2. Wall it

I have been passing this “eco” house since it was built more than a year ago along Banilad Road, near Gaisano Country Mall. The green-colored house is noticeable, aside from the signage that is telling you it's a green house. However it was only early this year I noticed some green patches growing on the house' wall, seems like small pockets lining up with and herbs growing on it.

The idea is genius. It does not only maximize the space, but it also acts as a heat shield of the house. Think of less or no more airconditioning is needed because the cooling effect of this green wall is so natural. And this translates to savings on your electricity bills every month!

These "pocket" synthetic yet porous material is sturdy enough to hold some planting material and provides an excellent drainage and aeration to the plants. A water pipe is placed on the top with holes spaced evenly to "spray" water once in a while. The water will then trickle down until all plants down the line gets irrigated.

While the water moves down and passes through each of these porous membranes, the natural "straining effect" makes the water comes out clean. It is then collected in a  pond where you can grown some ornamental fishes.

Another tip: culinary herbs can make a good accent to your usual landscaping ornamental plants, like this purple basil that adds a different hue in your frontyard.

If you have a planting strip, better plant something that has dual purpose: the colors can add vibrance to your home as an ornament, while at the same time serves its rightful duty in our table at the end of the day.

Gynuras are touted as a wonder plant. It is eaten raw in salads, or can be made as tea (there's one Sunday Market booth in Banilad Town Center that sells this plant under the name "green tea"). This plant has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-allergic properties.
 At the side of the house they planted different salad greens.

Sitio Baca corner Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue
Banilad, Cebu City

Look for Helen Salibungcugon or Architect Mike
(032) 416 2511 or (032) 231 6659

Hope these two simple ideas will spark an interest in you to start your own herb garden!


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