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PIPOL | Gary Granada, Adobo and his penchant for Sardinas

I admit I grew up when cassette tapes were the “in” thing and lucky enough to witness how compact disks came into existence. And while the rest of the boys my age collected E-heads, Rivermaya and Parokya ni Edgar, I was collecting then Joey Ayala, Popong Landero, Buklod and Gary Granada. I remember I bought my first “double” cassette album of Gary and it was sold not on the mainstream record bar. Still vivid was the red art cover, a portrait of Gary Granada sketched by BenCab, a national artist. A part of who am I today was inspired and stirred by the music of Gary Granada. While the rest were singing Backstreet Boys, Westlife and NSync, Joey Ayala’s Walang Hanggang Paalam was my national anthem. That was long time ago. And those cassette tapes are now my priced possessions, and I’m pretty sure will be one of the collector’s item if I will put my own museum someday.
What would you do if you meet somebody you looked up to, not to mention you idolized the the most? The meet-up with these two artists I considered legendary, Gary Granada and Noel Cabangon was unexpected. They performed in the convention I attended last June 21, 2012 in Radisson Blu Hotel during lunch time. And while everybody was eating their lunch, I felt I was alone cheering the two artists for reasons I cant understand.


Gary Granada shares his favorite dish and his fondest memory about showcasing his expertise in cooking for a friend, in this 3-minute interview I managed to squeezed in.

CMG: Does a Gary Granada cook?
GG: Yes, I cook, especially now that I’m in a diet.
CMG: And your favorite dish?
GG: Adobo.
CMG: What makes the adobo of Gary Granada different from the rest?
GG: It’s the usual adobo. I cook whatever is in the kitchen, in the pantry. I love pork adobo.
CMG: Do you consider adobo as your comfort food?
GG: Yes.
CMG: Your fondest memory about cooking.
GG: I met this girl and have a crush on her. She volunteers for work and stays in a staff house. I want to get close to her and one thing that came in to my mind is to cook for her. And so one day, I brought a kilo of pork and went to the staff house. I did not expect there were a lot inside the staff house and it ended I was cooking for everyone. Good thing I got good reviews after…that was 10 years ago.
CMG: That must have been so good.
GG: You would know they liked it that much sa kung unsa ka sinaw ang plato. That’s the proof.
CMG: I agree.
GG: Right now, I prefer foods that require less cooking, mostly raw or can be prepared quickly.
CMG: And what does your usual foods like?
GG: I love sardines. I put voluminous garlic on it, black pepper and red and white onions, para maalis ang lansa.

I just cant imagine what does Gary Granada’s pantry look like. I bet it is full of canned sardines. His songs, his choice of food and fondness on simple things reflect who Gary Granada is in real life.

While I was doing the interview, I cant help but admire his simplicity. He’s just like anybody else, the common tao you can see in the streets. He's very unassuming and low profile but he is bigger than what he is. I’m blessed that once in my life our paths crossed. Before, I was singing his songs. Now, I came to know the real Gary through his Adobo and sardinas.
This is no longer related to cooking, and since this blog is mine (and you have no choice actually!), let me share to you this song of Gary Granada that I consider the most romantic and poetic of all love songs. Each of the words and the lines captured what true love is to me. Best rendered in guitar....

(Gary Granada)
Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo na ika'y minamahal
Sana'y maunawaan mo na ako'y isang mortal
At di ko kayang abutin ang mga bituin at buwan
O di kaya ay sisirin perlas ng karagatan

Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo na ika'y iniibig
Sana'y maunawaan mo na ako'y taga-daigdig
Kagaya ng karamihan, karaniwang karanasan
Daladala kahit saan, pang-araw-araw na pasan

Ako'y hindi romantiko, sa iyo'y di ko matitiyak
Na pag ako'y kapiling mo kailanma'y di ka iiyak
Ang magandang hinaharap sikapin nating maabot
Ngunit kung di pa maganap, sana'y huwag mong ikalungkot

Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo na ika'y sinisinta
Sana'y yakapin mo akong bukas ang iyong mga mata
Ang kayamanan kong dala ay pandama't kamalayan
Na natutunan sa iba na nabighani sa bayan

Halina't ating pandayin isang malayang daigdig
Upang doon payabungin isang malayang pag-ibig
Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo na ika'y sinusuyo
Sana'y ibigin mo ako, kasama ang aking mundo

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