Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oakridge Sunday Market | Great Produce. Great Foods.

Scroll down below and be amazed of what Oakridge Sunday Market has to offer. 

1. Fresh, direct from the farm, all-organic produce

Bright red, plump tomatoes! By just the color of these succulent fruit makes me drool! I can make pasta dishes with lots of fresh tomatoes, or preserve them for future use. P200.00 per kilo.
Fresh salad greens: you have two options, either you can buy the"baby" version (above) which you can still grow for a few more days (or weeks) and can be assured of its freshness, or the one below, in two varieties. Personally I preferred the red-colored one as its contrasting colors give life to your salad bowl.

Below are fresh organic vegetables from Tanny's Organic Vegies in Matayupan Barili (. They are all freshly harvested and carefully transported from far directly to this community market, so you can expect these vegetables are not tired-looking and wilted.
Organic Spinach (kulitis) is P120.00/kilo (in our farm, it grows wild and it is of course free!) Kangkong or water spinach is P75.00 per kilo. Spring Onions (sibuyas dahon) is P100.00 per kilo
This is Garland Chrysanthemum and this is my first time to see such vegetable. Unaware, I asked the merchant for what type of cooking the garland chrysantheum is used. She mentioned this is used in shabu-shabu. It is indeed a family of Chrysanthemum (or Chrysanthemum coronarium or Leucanthemum coronarium to be specific), an edible variety when I googled it. It is popular in Korean traditional soups, stews and hotpots and in Japanese cuisines. I came upon one Vietnamese food blog ( and it mentioned the use of this vegetable in soups or steamboats. The local name is Tang-o and it is P210.00 per kilo.

Tanny's organic Vegie offers also fishing and horseback riding in their farm in Mantayupan. They serve lunch during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can contact them at 09176304583 or (032)318-0408. 
Organic eggs from free-range chickens. I wasn't able to get the price per piece, I bet this is somewhere P15.00-25.00/per piece.

2. Mouth-watering, delectable foods
There is one stall selling steamed crabs displayed in one huge "kawa", with puso on the side.
These are warm pies from Canvass Bistro Bar and Gallery.They have chicken and potato curry pie, thai green curry and vegetable pie, vegetable lasagna pie and beef mushroom and cornpie, all at P95.00 each.      

Lumpiang Sariwa and baked goodies from Sabrina's.

These are Pinoy traditional summer coolers from Cafe Laguna. Buko Pandan, Mangga Sago con Yelo and Saba con yelo all at P65.00 each.

Their citrus punch looks refreshing and best at this summer time. It is a combination of herbs, cucumber with guyabano fruit in freshly-squeezed calamansi juice. More ice please!

It's not Christmas time yet Cafe Laguna has been offering this all-time pinoy traditional favorite: Puto Bungbong, only at P75.00.

3. Organic cooking ingredients and beauty products
The following are the products being sold by Il Coco Tree Enterprises, owned by Kathie Kiener-Javellana (0917-711-4464, (032) 344-4061,

Wild honey, unprocessed and packed in beautiful small jars.

Raw coconut sugar that has low GI (Glycemic Index and good for diabetics, absolutely no chemicals were used in the processing.

Beauty products that are organic and safe to use, in a nice native packaging.

Different types of coconut oil.

Below are Italian Liqueurs sold by another merchant (i forgot to get the name, I will post it here soon). Price range is within 250-350/bottle.

These are just among the few of those being displayed and sold. I expect there will be a lot and much more coming in the next few Sundays to come.

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