Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On My Reading List | Book#1 The versatile RICE

I was able to visit Logos Hope, the world's biggest floating book fair that docked at Pier 1 at the rear side of Malacanang sa Sugbu last January 21, 2012. It was a weekend unplanned trip but was able to invite some bookbug officemates. I was so curious what it is all about since I wasn't able to get inside MV Doulos when it docked in Cebu some two (or three) years ago. I was also in a lookout for affordable cooking references to add in my reading list for Cook My Garden.

Inside, plentiful books arranged in shelves greeted me. I was in awe and in great delight when I saw the section for cooking; I wasn't expecting they have this wide collection of cookbooks arranged carefully per category. So I stopped on that section, only to find out later that my basket was heavy and full of books. I lined up together with a lot of kids at the cash counter to have all the books computed. It registered P3,012.00. I went home carrying eight full colored glossy books. I justified to myself this is much of a bargain; the books I bought were comparable to the titles displayed in Fully Booked at twice as much the price. Satisfied, I went home with a grin from left to right.

Here's the first book bought from Logos Hope:

Cooking with the world’s best-loved grain
Price: P400.00
By Christine Ingram

Published by Hermes House, an imprint of Annes Publishing Ltd.
© Annes Publishing Ltd 1999, 2010.
6.75 inches wide by 8.7 inches tall, 256 pages, semi-hard bound, all inside pages in full glossy color.

The rice grain is famous for its versatility. In fact, a Pinoy's meal is not complete without rice. We are among the rice eaters in the world and it is one of the reason I chose this book to explore more on the versatility of this grain. My cooking is just limited to steaming rice, in making arroz caldo, and few ways dressing up leftover rice for breakfast.

This fascinating book opens with a look at the history of rice and the mystical reverence with which some cultures regard rice until this present day. It discusses the world's different rice varieties in stunning photos, plus information on different ways of cooking perfect rice and rice products


In inside pages, rice and risotto recipes are discussed according to geographic locations where rice is cooked:
  • India
  • Asia
  • Greece, Turkey and Middle east
  • Spain and Portugal
  • Italy
  • France
  • Cajun, Creole and South America
  • Africa and the Caribbean
  • Britain
  • North America

It also has Index for quick reference on terms and recipes.


Rice (Oryza Sativa), according to, is the most important staple food for the large part of the world's human population. It is the grain with the third highest worldwide production after corn and wheat.  

Did you know that in Italy, they call their rice dishes or rice-based dishes as Risotto. In Spain, it is called Paella. Even in Japan, they roll it with a piece of raw fish and they call it Sushi. In India, it’s their famous Biryani. We have to thank India for a large number of our favorite rice dishes; it has countless rice dishes, which are known and loved, across the world. In England – rice pudding is England’s best-known rice dish. In China, it’s the ever famous and countless ways of fried rice. In Indonesia and other Malay countries, they call it Nasi Goreng.

In Cebu, the rice plant is called "humay", the grain is called is called "bugas humay". Cooked rice is called "kan-on." It is also worth sharing that Cebuano's love for this grain is just the second best; they love to eat the cooked corn grain "bugas mais" than "bugas humay".

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