Friday, February 3, 2012

On My Reading List | Book #3 Juices, Shakes, Smoothies!

Of all the books I bought in Logos Hope, this is very dear to me. One, I was able to find the same copy at Fully Booked a week ago and the price was P899.00 while I bought mine only at P400.00 (ha ha, best buy!). Two, I just found each of the recipes impressing and eye opener—I mean, I wasn’t expecting something could be mixed with anything, and healthy drinks can be that eye-catching and delicious. And last, starting this month, I will include self-concocted beverages in this blog, of course with the guide of this book (the least I can do while waiting for a kitchen in my new home in Liloan).

Fresh and Flamboyant drinks to quench your thirst

Price: P400.00
By Suzannah Olivier with recipes by Joanna Farrow

Published by Hermes House, an imprint of Annes Publishing Ltd.
© Annes Publishing Ltd 2003, 2010

6.75 inches wide by 8.7 inches tall, semi-hard bound, all inside pages in full glossy color.

This book is your ultimate guide in preparing drinks and beverages out of fruits, vegetables and nuts. It explains the benefits of juicing and includes a very brief discussion on history of juicing and blending. There is an introduction on the equipment needed (masticating juicers, blenders and food processors), juicing and blending techniques and serving and storing juices, smoothies and blends. This book also gives points to consider when buying produces like the citruses, orchard and stone fruits, berries and currants, exotic and tropical fruits, roots and tuber vegetables, leafy and brassica vegetables, vegetable fruits, squashes vegetables, pod, shoot and bulb vegetables, natural flavorings and health supplements, nuts and seeds, dairy and dairy alternatives, sweeteners and other flavorings.

There is also a short discussion on vitamins and minerals and which fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can be juiced or blended to get those needed nutrients.


There are over 400 step-by-step recipes illustrated in more than 1800 photographs in the 256 pages of this book:

·      The art of Juicing and Blending
·      Super healthy Juices
·      Vital Veggie Blends
·      Fresh and Fruity
·      Extra Exotic Coolers
·      Easy breakfast blends
·      Smooth and Simple
·      Cool Creamy shakes
·      Drinks for Kids
·      Crushes and Slushes
·      Tempting Dessert Drinks
·      Real Boozy Blends
·      Perfect Party Drinks

It also has index on the last pages for quick and easy reference on each of the topics.


There are many attractive and quirky ways to serve fresh drinks. With a little imagination, you can present gorgeous looking concoctions whatever the occasions is. For one, ice cube is an important vehicle for serving, cooling and decorating drinks. You can place raspberries and other small fruits in ice cube trays, add water and freeze. You can also use edible flowers and petals instead of fruits, choose something that will make the drink attractive when the ice has melted like rose petals.  Also, make ice cubes from other citrus fruits, these will create a rainbow effect in your drinks and will also alter the taste as they melt!

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