Thursday, February 2, 2012

On My Reading List | Book #2 My Pasta Bible

I’m a pasta and noodles addict. Whatever it is made of, how it is cooked or prepared as long as it is pasta, it’s my comfort food. No wonder my audition piece for Masterchef is a pasta dish. This is my cupboard staple, along with capers, pitted olives, olive oil and canned mushrooms. Anytime I feel like eating, in just a few minutes, I have a warm bowl of pasta prepared according to my preference. Just like the risotto book I earlier presented, pasta’s versatility cannot be ignored. It’s already a complete meal in itself.

There is more to learn and discover in pasta. For one, preparing the delicate fresh pasta seems difficult, intricate and needs some patience and expertise. It is by this reason I bought this book. Pasta for me is like a blank white canvass; you can paint anything you want according to your mood and liking. You can transform it in anything you want. This book gives me a lot of insight on how and what to prepare best if it is Pasta.

Price: P400.00
By Jeni Wright

Published by Hermes House, an imprint of Annes Publishing Ltd.
© Annes Publishing Ltd 1999, 2010, previously published as THE PASTA BIBLE

6.75 inches wide by 8.7 inches tall, 256 pages, semi-hard bound, all inside pages in full glossy color.

This reference book extensively discusses over a hundred types of pasta both dried and fresh, from long pasta, short pasta to flat pasta, as well as designer pastas. It also discusses the needed equipment, how to cook and serve pasta, how to make a home made pasta, different pasta shapes, making flavored and striped pasta, to even pasta pantry basics from cheeses, oils, herbs, olives, tomatoes and flavorings. Origin of pasta was beautifully illustrated as well as its nutritional value.This is a complete and extensive guide to choosing, using and cooking pasta with over 150 truly fabulous recipes.


In this book of pasta, recipes are presented according to type of dish:

·      Broths and soups
·      Tomato sauces
·      Cream Sauces
·      Fish and Shellfish
·      Meat and Poultry
·      Vegetables and Vegetarian
·      Baked Pasta
·      Stuffed Pasta
·      Fresh and Healthy
·      Pasta Salads

It also has index for quick reference guide to the above-mentioned topics and recipes.

Finish your pasta dishes with a dash of grated Pecorino or Parmesan cheese, and sprinkle it with fresh herbs like basil and parsley. Did you know that grated cheese is NEVER served with fish and shellfish sauces?

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