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Thai-Asian Cuisine de Cebu | A hole-in-the-wall Thai Resto

My fascination with Thai cuisine started in one eventful night of ‘Loi Krathong’, a Thai festival of lights I have attended almost a year ago, not in Thailand but in our very own compound where almost half of the residents, my beloved neighbors, are Thais. I have seen how they prepared their dishes –it could never be authentic without the generous amount of aromatic herbs, spices and an odd mixture (for me) of greens and meat, of sweet and salty. Everything is totally different and the taste is amazingly unique and unfamiliar, but there are two things my discriminating taste buds can relate into: the use of fresh herbs (of which I am into) and my love for something that is devilishly spicy.

And since then I frequent Lemon Grass and Krua Thai and Blue Elephant and Sai Gon Quan to burn off my cravings for Thai (and Viet) dishes, while at the same time burning my pocket. However early this year, I found a gem amid the busy street in Banilad – a small unassuming resto, three ranks decent than any carinderia and has offerings that is almost at par with Lemon or Krua. And since then, I fell in love with Thai-Asian Cuisine de Cebu. Each of their dishes has been my comfort food, and the nearest sense of connection I got with home cooking.

7 Reasons to Love Thai-Asian Cuisine de Cebu

1.    Personally, I must say it has a bad restaurant name and was not carefully thought-of. Nevertheless, the food they offer more than compensates for its name. They say its authentic Thai and I can vouch for that—the first chef was a Thai (and later trained a Filipino partner), and the ingredients are fresh from Thailand (and they even grow their own herbs!). But I must say it is Pinoy-fusion, the taste and flavors delight the Pinoy palate. Try their Phad Thai and the famous Tom Yum Soup and you will be transported to the homes and streets of Thailand!

2.    It is simply unassuming. The tarpaulin signage is cluttered, posted oversize with the rest of other signages. It has a handwritten bond-paper ad posted on the door. Everything is simple. I never felt intimidated to anything in this resto-from interior decoration, to the waiters, to even the prices of each menu. The place has nothing to show off, yet inviting and urging you to try whatever they have to offer.

3.    It is your home – yes, it has refrigerator, electric fan to cool you and a small flat TV to entertain you inside their resto. No fancy and ornate Thai decorations. It has even an open cabinet hung in the wall full of ingredients ready for cooking. This reminded me of home, and what make this so homey are the warm accommodation and service of the waiters and owners who run the business.

4. Value for money, the Cebuano definition – The most expensive menu is only P160.00 good for 2-3 persons. A set menu (rice toppings) is at P70.00. I call this value for money – I got to taste the best Thai food and yet friendly to my pocket. I must admit, I eat 2-3 times a week in this resto!

5. I love it when it is hot and spicy – Yes, all their food appeals to everybody that loves the mighty red chilies! And what’s best, the level of spiciness can be adjusted to your preference—if you like it mild, moderate or extremely and tingly hot. Make sure to inform the waiter ahead of time when she gets your order.

6.    This is not a fast food – All foods are prepared fresh and individually cooked per order basis, and you have to wait for an ample time before it is served. They have a long list of offerings in their menu, and I’m pretty sure just as I am, I always have difficulty choosing which ones to order first. All are appetizingly yummy!

7.    Finally, it is a hole-in-the wall resto in its truest sense—small and simple, no frills, nothing fancy, modest, out-of-your-usual-way resto that offers one of the best tasting Thai food in Cebu and that is way too friendly for the pocket.

They started operating early this year, but just like any start-up businesses, they closed for quite some time when the business was not well-liked by Cebuanos, and it was also a trying time for them when their Thai cook went back in Thailand. Along the way, they managed to get back on track and slowly creating a pack of loyal customers that has discerning taste for something uniquely Asian. I noticed most of their customers right now are yuppies and foreigners that either come in groups or in pairs.

For foodies like me, this lowly resto is a new addition in the hole-in-the-wall category just like the Joed’s Lutong Hapon.

You want Thai foods plus value for your hard-earned money? Thai-Asian Cuisine de Cebu is worth a try. It is time to indulge to the tastes and flavors of our neighboring Asian countries!

Thai-Asian Restaurant
(032) 515-1651
(032) 515-1651
You may look for Jalou or Bebbei

Note: All servings are good for 2-3 persons


Fried Pork with Sesame seeds – P80.00
Buttered Chix – P75.00
Crispy Shrimp – P90.00
Fried Spring Rolls – P65.00
Fried Seafood with Garlic Sauce – P90.00
Fried Fish with Garlic Sauce – P85.00


Seafood Salad (Spicy mix of vegetables and seafoods) – P90.00
Glass Noodle Salad (Vermicelli with Seafoods) – P90.00
Laab (Thai Native Recipe) (Minced Pork/Chicken with Lime) – P85.00
Somtom (Thai Papaya Salad) (Green Papaya with Salty Egg) – P80.00
Green Mango Salad – P75.00


Tom Yum Soup (Choice of shrimp, squid or both)
Crispy Minced Fish with Green Mango Salad
Thai Style BBQ (Marinated Pork with Tamarind Sauce)
Beef Noodle Soup (Seasoned Beef with Thai Herb)
Steamed Chicken in Light Soy Sauce
Crispy Fish with Green Mango salad
Stir-fried Fish with Red Curry Gravy
Beef/Chicken Curry (Choice of Red/Green Curry)
Calamares (Deep Fried Squid Rings)
Fresh Spring Rolls (Vietnamese-inspired Rolls)
Phad Thai (Choice of squid, shrimp or mix of both)
Stir Fried Seafood (Shrimp/Squid/Mixed in Yellow curry)
Steamed Fish (Cream Dory in Light Soy Sauce)
Stir Fried Seafdood with salty Egg
Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts


Pineapple Fried Rice (choice of pork/chicken) – P80.00
Fried Rice in Basil Sauce (Choice of Shrimp, Squid, Mixed Shrimp and Squid, Chicken, Pork) – P85.00/P75.00
Fried Rice in Dark Soy Sauce (Choice of Shrimp, Squid, Mixed Shrimp and Squid, Chicken, Pork) – P85.00/P75.00
Seafood/Meat Special Fried Rice (Choice of Shrimp, Squid, Mixed Shrimp and Squid, Chicken, Pork) – P85.00/P75.00
Egg Fried Rice – P70.00
Garlic Fried Rice – P50.00
Bagoong Fried Rice – P80.00
Red Curry/Spicy Rice – P75.00


Seafood/Meat Special in Basil Sauce (Choice of Shrimp, Squid, Mixed Shrimp and Squid, Chicken, Pork) – P85.00/P75.00
Seafood/Meat Special in Red Curry Sauce (Choice of Shrimp, Squid, Mixed Shrimp and Squid, Chicken, Pork) - P85.00/P75.00
Seafood/Meat Special in Garlic Sauce (Choice of Shrimp, Squid, Mixed Shrimp and Squid, Chicken, Pork) - P85.00/P75.00
Seafood/Meat Special in Oyster Sauce (Choice of Shrimp, Squid, Mixed Shrimp and Squid, Chicken, Pork) - P85.00/P75.00
Minced Pork Omelet – P70.00


Mixed Veggies with Oyster Sauce – P80.00
Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelet) – P80.00
Ampalaya with Meat and Egg – P80.00
Eggplant in Basil Sauce – P80.00
Brocolli with Oyster Sauce – P70.00
Mixed Veggies with Sweet and Sour Sauce – P85.00


Chix Tinola (or choice of Fish) – P150.00
Shrimp Gata (Shrimp in Cocomilk) – P160.00
Sinigang (Baby Prawns in Sour Soup) – P160.00


Iced Tea Pitcher
Thai Iced Coffee – around P50.00
Thai Iced Tea – around P50.00
Thai Green Tea – around P50.00


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  3. iris dablo lumacangJanuary 31, 2012 at 1:35 AM

    i must try this one.. thanks... being a Thai food lover myself this is very helpful!!!

  4. Hi Iris,

    Go, help yourself with their offerings. Enjoy thai spice and flavors!


  5. I must try this Thai recipe, I love spices and Thai cuisines are offering this kind of spices and flavors. I do appreciate posting your article here and inspiring everyone here with your food.

    brunch for one

  6. OH my! I must going to check it out. The food looks really delicious.=)


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