Sunday, November 20, 2011

Visayas Blogging Summit 2011: Cooking up OPPORTUNITY for starters

This five-month old blog is a newbie in blogosphere. Conceived with lofty ideals, added with a little know-how on the techie side plus a ton of passion, this blog came into existence. Just like anybody else, I share the same difficulties of painfully starting from a scratch. Most of the time I’m lost and don’t know where to run for tech advise and support. Good thing I came across the Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 while I searched for something that can be of help.

I am glad there is such thing as a convergence of all like-minded individuals in the world of blogging. Indeed this is more than a good news for me. With just a week more to go, I am as eager as I can get to be with the crowd, and excited to learn as many as I can on that day from the world-class speakers and experienced bloggers. I have lots of things running on my mind and need to get answers from this summit. I am enthusiastic on engaging with fellow bloggers: the best advice woould be coming from their time-tested learning experiences. I am hoping this would be an open venue for sharing great tips and ideas.

This huge event is all an OPORTUNITY. To those who have been ahead of me, it’s a time to expand networks and build new relationships. It is also an opportunity to look and consider innovation and change. And for us new comers (not late bloomers), this is an occasion for learning and growth. The topic on social media etiquette is apt and timely for us starters; we need to be guided with the basic standards of social responsibility and ethics. And I know there will be a lot installed for us…there’s more to learn in blogging!

In this summit, there is room for everyone. Let's fire up this blogging revolution and help change the Visayas landscape. Newcomers and starters, it’s never too late to make your presence heard and felt in the blogosphere!

Don’t forget to hit this link to register. Tug along a friend, a neighbor, an officemate or classmate and let’s make this summit an occasion for learning and advancement. See you on the 26th of November at SM City Cebu Trade Hall 1. Be early to avail of freebies! Registration starts at 7:00am.

This event, the biggest gathering for social media in our country is made possible by our very own Cebu Bloggers Society (hmmmm….seems interesting to be one of them!). My salute to them, they just don’t know how they made me smile with hope in this technically mind-boggling blogging world. Get full details of the Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 in this link.

Its never too late to start blogging. This summit will always remind us that we just need to get started!

See you!

Links to organizers and all sponsors:

Main Organizer: Cebu Bloggers Society

Silver Sponsors: Coffee Dream, Bo's Coffee, Crimson Resort and Spa, Harolds Hotel, Hero Sausages and Honeycomb Finance Consultancy

Bronze Sponsors: Globe, Nokia and Pinoy Great Deals


  1. Hi I'm Jaysee! Organizer for Visayas Blogging Summit 2011! Congratulations! Hope you had fun! It's so great to have you at the event! Currently judging your pre event post! You can follow my awesome articles at!

  2. Thanks for joining VBS 2011. Currently judging your post for the best pre-event post contest. Hope to see you in the next CBSi events. (:

  3. Hi Jaysee and Agnes, thank you for browsing this page. The event was really a blast. You guys rock! A lot joined, binusog kami ng sponsors, a lot of surprises and freebies, it was smoothly executed from start to finish. Kudos to the organizing committee and cbsi, till the next summit!

  4. Thanks a lot bewareyourhealth, hope you keep coming back on this site.



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