Monday, October 24, 2011

I am busy. Pause. And Go.

I was dead for almost three months. I loathe using the term “busy” but I’ll borrow this term for definition’s sake to describe the three-month long race against time: I took my Master’s comprehensive exams end of July and of course the long preparation I did before that; August was blast in my work after three years of slow-pacing in the office including trips in and out of Cebu; September and October were strat planning and budget seasons I need to attend to. Not to mention the lull moments in between those months, where I found myself sleeping and de-stressing. Plus my dear Delia passed away shortly after the end of my Master’s hence preventing me to be online most of the time. I already predicted her fate, and so with it I accepted that my life would be so silent from then on. Blogging was eventually paused for a moment.
Nonetheless, the three months of blogging inactivity was never dead at all – I was able to visit Mercato central in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig last August and was intrigued for related version stores here in Cebu; had visited for the first time the Pasil wet market, the seafoods “bagsakan” of Cebu, in my search for live crabs for a ‘special’ dish I need to prepare; my potted garden was left unattended and my herbs were dying; a birthday gift to me were herbs; my attempt to audition in the up and coming reality TV show and the day-to-day preparation of an aspiring cook. My mind is so full of good stories, and I need to share these to you.
Coming in the few days (or weeks) is my new companion in blogging. I’m eager for my new MacBook Air (who could give me a better name?). With what’s going on in life, I’m excited and enthused to be back in shape for blogging. This time, I’ll cook!

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