Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Herbs-in-a-cup, a trend?

Before, if you need fresh herbs for cooking, you will run to the fresh section of supermarkets here in Cebu. Basil, coriander, wansuy, leeks, are the most common and it comes handy in small packs. Sad to say, not all the time these supermarkets have steady supply. Seldom you can find those in public markets (yes I tried most of the time to look for those fresh herbs whenever I have a chance to raid the public market), except in Carbon Public Market. Praise be to batman, now you can even buy one, grow it and use it along the way. Yes, grow it!

Naturally grown herbs for sale at Robinsons Supermarket in Banilad Town Center

I can say it is a recent trend. Before, I really had hard time looking for these plants, and it was only SM supermarket that is selling herbs planted in a cup. But now, I even noticed Robinson Supermarket in Banilad Town Center, Super Metro Supermarket in Ayala and the two SM Hypermarkets (in NRA and in J Centre in Mandaue). This time, I can even have sage, and rosemary ready for cooking!

Almost grown-up herbs in Metro Ayala Supermarket, selling at Php45.00/piece.

This would mean that more and more would really opt for something fresh, than dried, if it is available. These small cup of plants are convenient supply if we only need is a little sprig for flavoring and garnishing. This is also an opportunity if you want an extra mile--you might want to start your own kitchen garden like mine. Good to know our supermarkets here in Cebu have this special section for herbs. Buy those and transplant later if it will grow lush and large. More than just an ingredient in your cooking, you can have a patch of green in your kitchen!


  1. I always have a nice little herb supply growing away in my kitchen and come spring out they go to the garden. So nice to have a nice supply of fresh. And of course can dry and freeze if need be. And very nice hostess gift over the holidays.

  2. Hi Medifast, its always good to know you have a ready supply of fresh herbs within your garden! I agree with you, if you have plenty of it, you can dry or freeze some for future use. These makes a good holiday gift ideas too, not to mention I received a potted rosemary last July inmy birthday. Thanks for dropping by.


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