Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Herbs-in-a-cup, a trend?

Before, if you need fresh herbs for cooking, you will run to the fresh section of supermarkets here in Cebu. Basil, coriander, wansuy, leeks, are the most common and it comes handy in small packs. Sad to say, not all the time these supermarkets have steady supply. Seldom you can find those in public markets (yes I tried most of the time to look for those fresh herbs whenever I have a chance to raid the public market), except in Carbon Public Market. Praise be to batman, now you can even buy one, grow it and use it along the way. Yes, grow it!

Naturally grown herbs for sale at Robinsons Supermarket in Banilad Town Center

I can say it is a recent trend. Before, I really had hard time looking for these plants, and it was only SM supermarket that is selling herbs planted in a cup. But now, I even noticed Robinson Supermarket in Banilad Town Center, Super Metro Supermarket in Ayala and the two SM Hypermarkets (in NRA and in J Centre in Mandaue). This time, I can even have sage, and rosemary ready for cooking!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I am busy. Pause. And Go.

I was dead for almost three months. I loathe using the term “busy” but I’ll borrow this term for definition’s sake to describe the three-month long race against time: I took my Master’s comprehensive exams end of July and of course the long preparation I did before that; August was blast in my work after three years of slow-pacing in the office including trips in and out of Cebu; September and October were strat planning and budget seasons I need to attend to. Not to mention the lull moments in between those months, where I found myself sleeping and de-stressing. Plus my dear Delia passed away shortly after the end of my Master’s hence preventing me to be online most of the time. I already predicted her fate, and so with it I accepted that my life would be so silent from then on. Blogging was eventually paused for a moment.
Nonetheless, the three months of blogging inactivity was never dead at all – I was able to visit Mercato central in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig last August and was intrigued for related version stores here in Cebu; had visited for the first time the Pasil wet market, the seafoods “bagsakan” of Cebu, in my search for live crabs for a ‘special’ dish I need to prepare; my potted garden was left unattended and my herbs were dying; a birthday gift to me were herbs; my attempt to audition in the up and coming reality TV show and the day-to-day preparation of an aspiring cook. My mind is so full of good stories, and I need to share these to you.
Coming in the few days (or weeks) is my new companion in blogging. I’m eager for my new MacBook Air (who could give me a better name?). With what’s going on in life, I’m excited and enthused to be back in shape for blogging. This time, I’ll cook!
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