Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Organics Bazaar at Banilad Town Center

     Last Sunday right after my morning jog at the Family Park in Talamban, I went straight to Banilad Town Center (BTC) to buy some fruit juices at Robinson's Supermarket. It has been a while that this neighborhood store has a weekend organics bazaar at the lobby so right after buying some stuff at the grocery, I visited again my favorite booth upstairs. I bought most of my starter herb plants here that is why I am very much familiar of this every Sunday organic marketplace.

      Six to eight tables were lining and they are selling a hodgepodge of anything organics, from fresh produces to artisan breads to even rock salts, culinary herbs, medicinal plants, tonic juices to organic ice cream, salsa, pesto, etc. I was even amazed one booth was selling fresh "pako" (edible ferns), and this made me realized it has been a while since the last time I ate pako salad. The more I missed mamsi's lutong bahay. Amazing find like this has added a mark on my Cebu....its rarity is the abundance of other places.

      The action was a bit like of that in a weekend public market, however this was more of serving the high end market. Fresh fruits and vegetables comes in banana wrappers and baskets. Of course, expect  prices of these fresh produce are a bit pricey, it's organic in the first place.

     The notion and importance of organic products are little by little being embraced by Cebuanos. The concept and way of life is slowly taking its position among the well-off Cebuanos. One of the proof is this weekend organics bazaar which has been running for quite sometime.

        Cebu is slowly embracing organics. Thanks for a few farms here (mostly came from the hilly Busay and Balamban) who are adopting the organic way (a sustainable way) of farming. I need see those farms in the coming months!

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