Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sage and Purple Basil

       My trip to Talisay City last Sunday afternoon had made me going home bringing three additional herbs for my garden: sage and two varieties of basil: the dwarf and purple basil. These plants were from an istoryan (member of friend whom I met up with, a trade between my two varieties of basil, the holy basil and lemon basil. That Sunday afternoon was my first time to touch and smell a bunch of crushed sage leaves.

  This is the sage plant, grown from seeds. The powdery ash-green leaves are elongated and has a coarse texture. It has strong astringent flavor and a savoury aroma with hints of peppermint. I have yet to know how can I use this in my cooking.

 This is the purple basil, a variety of basil. The taste and smell are just the same with ordinary basil, but, as other articles point out it has weaker aroma than the sweet basil. it is basically grown for its color. You can replace your ordinary basil with this one, and it is great for any tomato-based dishes (pastas!), Italian dishes or fresh garden salads. Its unique color makes it a good ornamental plant.

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