Friday, July 1, 2011

Hydroponics...and lots of Basil in Talisay!

       What if you don't have a backyard space to start your herb garden? Or maybe you are living in a condo where space is so limited that you can not even grow your favorite ornamental plant. For a space-challenged starters,  fortunately, you can grow those in pots. But what if you can not find any good soil to even start your potted gardens? You can buy organic soil materials at the hardware stores! Sounds simple but this is not the usual case.

        Serious about gardening? Let's take gardening on a next level! 

     My curiosity on gardening has brought me to Talisay City to meet up (I mean eyeball) a certain girl whom I met online via I was just a newbie on that site and I found the threads under hobbies amusing. It is quite assuring that there are other people like you who are hooked on the same thing. This girl was Ulyssa. We exchanged a few words about herbs until it brought me looking for her house somewhere in Talisay last Sunday afternoon. The thought of meeting up a person who share the same interest like you was exhilarating.

       The moment I entered her house, I saw PVC pipes lining up in uniformity with lots of Basil growing in it. She mentioned to me before that she was into HYDROPONICS. I have heard it before but that Sunday afternoon on her house was my first actual sight of hydroponics. Little lettuces and basils growing on plastic cups submerged on a nutrient-rich solution is such a lovely sight.

        Wikipidea defines it as a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil. Yes, you can grow your plants even without soil!

A close up view of the plant growing on the organic compost submerged on the water., growing very healthy.

Lots of sweet basil growing!. Unfortunately, this hydroponics was just a sort of "testing" to grow the basil commercially. Ulyssa made it for her thesis in a management course, she is a graduating student in one of the known university in Cebu.

These were the mother plants, which were grown from seeds last January 2010. After six months, she propagated basils through stem cutting. Little did I know that we can grow basil from cuttings. Now this is a proof.

Hydroponics make these plants grow lush root system

Sweet basil being planted on a rich organic medium right after it grew roots. Then these plastic cups will be submerged on a nutrient-rich running water.

Sweet basil grown from seeds. According to her, packet of seeds were brought from Manila. I will post similar article on where to buy seeds in Cebu (or in other places). I found Cebu very poor in any agricultural shops. Sigh.

Full grown basil propagated from stem cuttings.

Lemon mints being grown from seeds

SNAP A and SNAP B solutions used in hydroponics. These were bought in UP Los Banos Institute of Plant Breeding.

       So, there is no reason for you not to have a garden. Im planning in the coming days to have my own hydroponics at the convenience of my new home in Liloan. A friend who's finishing a thesis in UPLB expressed her intention to help me with the solutions. (Un)Fortunately, a mom of her closest friend is working on the IPB.

Thanks Ulyssa for accommodating me in your hydroponic garden.


  1. Hi! I'm also interested in hydroponics. I've been studying it since my science high school days but I stopped because I can't find the nutrient medium here in cebu. I tried mixing my own medium as well but it did not work. I would like to go see the garden. Can you give me the contact number of the person so that I can ask her permission to go see her set-up? I would really appreciate your help! Thanks! Love your posts, by the way!

  2. Hi Kristina, I'm glad you happen to pass by here on my site. I am not into hrydroponics as of this moment; the one that you have seen in my entry were from a friend. I agree with you, there's no nutrient medium here in Cebu. I have the SNAP A and B direct from UP Los Banos. It so happen that I have a good friend who is studying right now in UPLB, so she send those to me. Unfortunately again, due to tight schedules I wasnt able to start my hydroponics. I'm still looking for other materials like the grape box which I had difficulty looking for those here in Cebu. Sorry for this late reply, I think she joined a bazaar in Ayala Center Cebu. Her name is Ulysa, and Im so happy she made her hobby/and study into a business. Please send me your email so I can give her number to you. Thanks!


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