Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cebu's Organic Farms (1)

I was able to know two of the participating booths at the weekend organics bazaar in Banilad Town Center. One of this is San Gimignano Wellness Farm's Harvest in Balamban, Cebu being owned by Ms. Eleanor A. Rivera

I was amazed by the extent of its offerings, especially on fully grown culinary herbs, fresh vegetables, ready-to-eat foods and chilled products. It sells anything organic that you can feast on: lettuce, arugula, bokchoy, choisum, tomato, sikwa, likway, cucumber, sayote, camote, eggplant, carrots, basil, parsley, dill, etc. She also sells ice cream in banana, passion fruit and guyabano flavors, probiotics, detox juices, tabouleh, beans, lumpia, salads, gazpacho, pesto, dips, puto, caponata and chutney.

They also operate daily in #7 Calle Plata, BC Homes, Lahug. You can call her at (0032)316-3464 or at her mobile 09177148254. You may also want to reach through her email address

      Below are some of the culinary herbs she is selling. Warning: please don't be shocked with the price of the plants. They came a bit more pricey compared with other booths, but I think it's worth your money since these plants are fully grown and are ready for consumption (though you can always buy some in the supermarket). Just a piece of advise, buy some of these especially those that are not common (not being displayed and sold) in the vegetable section of your favorite grocery stores.

Lemon Mint


Sweet Italian Basil

Variegated Oregano, aside from being a culinary herb, this one makes a good ornamental plant.

Dill (but I guess this is a Fennel, I still need to check on this)
Purple Basil (though here the leaves aren't that purple,only with traces and hints of purple), the taste is very similar to that of the Italian Basil.

Arugula, one of those salad greens, has a bit of pungent and bittery taste, great to mix with lettuces.

Chinese Garlic Chives


Turmeric Plant

Aside from those culinary herbs, part of her extensive plants for sale include the following medicinal plants and rare (I don't call it exotic) plants (beware for those who have a faint of heart, makahurot ug kusog ang presyo!)

 Gynura precumbens, a miracle plant (you can google the name and be amazed of its extensive benefits!)

Gotu kola, I still remember this plant growing wildly in our swampy backyard.

Sambong (remedy for cough)

Wachichao (any chinese herbal store has this). It makes the famous wachichao tea.

I forgot the name of this (sorry!)

Passion Fruit (take note of the price, its P800.00!)

Acerola Cherry

This is not a tanglad (lemon grass), but a family of lemongrass. This is the Citronella plant, the main ingredients to most of the mosquito repellent lotions for sale.

And below is the dragon fruit, a kind of cactus that grows an edible and expensive fruit, a cure for epilepsy.


  1. Hi, I also practice organic vegetable farming using the new method of farming using Aquaponics. You can visit my FB fan page ang make some story about this new farming method. just type "cebu aquaponics" in google. That's my page.I'll try to contact the owner of this page to sell some of my products soon..thnx for this blog!

  2. That is NOT gotu kola. It is dollarweed. It is mislabeled, and hopefully they aren't still selling it that way.

    1. I agree, although dollarweed or a pennywort maybe offer similar benefits.

  3. Hi, the picture you tagged as Sambong is actually Lagundi. And the one you said you forgot the name of is Sambong. :)

  4. their products are overpriced. i used to sell the same plants and know people who do. most of these cost for less than a hundred and 500 would be a big-ass bush.

  5. Re: I forgot the name of this (sorry!)

    It looks like Sambong.


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