Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sage and Purple Basil

       My trip to Talisay City last Sunday afternoon had made me going home bringing three additional herbs for my garden: sage and two varieties of basil: the dwarf and purple basil. These plants were from an istoryan (member of friend whom I met up with, a trade between my two varieties of basil, the holy basil and lemon basil. That Sunday afternoon was my first time to touch and smell a bunch of crushed sage leaves.

  This is the sage plant, grown from seeds. The powdery ash-green leaves are elongated and has a coarse texture. It has strong astringent flavor and a savoury aroma with hints of peppermint. I have yet to know how can I use this in my cooking.

 This is the purple basil, a variety of basil. The taste and smell are just the same with ordinary basil, but, as other articles point out it has weaker aroma than the sweet basil. it is basically grown for its color. You can replace your ordinary basil with this one, and it is great for any tomato-based dishes (pastas!), Italian dishes or fresh garden salads. Its unique color makes it a good ornamental plant.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hydroponics...and lots of Basil in Talisay!

       What if you don't have a backyard space to start your herb garden? Or maybe you are living in a condo where space is so limited that you can not even grow your favorite ornamental plant. For a space-challenged starters,  fortunately, you can grow those in pots. But what if you can not find any good soil to even start your potted gardens? You can buy organic soil materials at the hardware stores! Sounds simple but this is not the usual case.

        Serious about gardening? Let's take gardening on a next level! 

     My curiosity on gardening has brought me to Talisay City to meet up (I mean eyeball) a certain girl whom I met online via I was just a newbie on that site and I found the threads under hobbies amusing. It is quite assuring that there are other people like you who are hooked on the same thing. This girl was Ulyssa. We exchanged a few words about herbs until it brought me looking for her house somewhere in Talisay last Sunday afternoon. The thought of meeting up a person who share the same interest like you was exhilarating.

       The moment I entered her house, I saw PVC pipes lining up in uniformity with lots of Basil growing in it. She mentioned to me before that she was into HYDROPONICS. I have heard it before but that Sunday afternoon on her house was my first actual sight of hydroponics. Little lettuces and basils growing on plastic cups submerged on a nutrient-rich solution is such a lovely sight.

        Wikipidea defines it as a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil. Yes, you can grow your plants even without soil!

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