Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to our blog, Bisdak!

Never in my imagination would I be spending a number of years here in Cebu. In all its facets big or small, Cebu has not failed to lure me into its charm since day one – the warmth of its people, its one-of-a kind culture, and the provincial feel of its urban life made me feel I am just around home. I love Cebu and I’m staying here for good.

My attempt in ‘staying here for good’ gave me a few shots of headaches as to how I should tug along with me my antics for cooking and gardening. I love to grow something green since a kid, thanks for my Papsi, a dedicated farmer, who influenced me a lot. And my love for cooking must have started from my fondness of eating anything edible and delicious. I also admit it is innate in me: my Papsi, a Kapampangan, must have endowed me his cooking genes.  Nevertheless, a passionate person knows no hindrances, and the rest of the story is the reason why I’m having this blog – to chronicle how, what and where I have been just to pursue these two passions, in a lovely place called Cebu.

And to add a twist to my story, I began to practice a couple of months ago a self-proclaimed way of living: unrestricted vegetarianism (which I will define it later), in my struggle to go back to basics for health reasons. A newbie here in Cebu with this newfound lifestyle is definitely a struggle and the more reason I should cook. And to make all things easy along the way, it is the more reason I should grow my food.


The purpose of this blog is plain and simple: share the information to my (with emphasis) fellow Cebuano’s (that is including me, hehehe). I have noticed there is a scarce resource of information about the topics, be it online or even by asking any Cebuano’s, hence the inconvenience in my attempt to be my own cook and a gardener. I’m not a professional culinary expert, nor a licensed agriculturist, so it is a good note to take precautions in using any information posted, shared and discussed here. To make things more engaging, I will make an effort to get advices from those in authority.

Join me in my excursions to Cebu that I have never been. Let’s check out all the known and not so-known supermarkets, as well as public markets, farms, grocery stores, in search of those hard-to-find ingredients and plants. Join me as I explore the tastes and flavors of Cebu, and the joys of exploring and experimenting in your kitchens and garden spaces.

Welcome to “our” blog, feel free to make use of and share any information here. Let’s make this our discussion venue for anything about cooking, gardening and what have you under the Cebuano sun!

So, pull in your pots and trowels and frying pans and ladles and let’s start having the best life here in Cebu!

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